Chamomile or Marticaria Chamemilla, as it is its index botanic name, is the key ingredient in the MADEOLIVE SOAP WITH HONEY, CALENDULA & CHAMOMILE. It is present in the form of preserved flowers and the herb’s natural essential oil.

Ancient Greek Hippocrates (460-370 bc), the acknowledged pioneer of Medical Science, makes an early extensive record on Chamomile’s benefits to human health. Nowadays, it is a well-established natural medicinal product, recommended for anti -inflammatory and restoration purposes on skin problems and various irritations.

In the MADEOFOLIVE SOAP, Chamomile is fused with Calendula herb flowers. Calendula (Calendula officinalis) is also a well-known healing herb, used on damaged skin, suffering from inflammations and infections. A key ingredient in contemporary cosmetic and medicinal applications specialized in anti-wrinkle therapy, acne skin condition treatment, hydration, etc.

The therapeutic combination of those herbs is making this natural handmade product, more than adequate for body and face care. It deeply hydrates and additionally effectively cleans and restores the skin. The particular herbal bouquet adds enhanced skin soothing and counter- inflammatory capability, ideal for softly cleaning sensitive skin and/or areas with inflammatory condition, such as acne.

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