Only vegetable liquid oils are used for saponification. Key ingredients are the Virgin Olive oil squeezed off the olive flesh, Castor oil with its many soothing virtues is combined in the production process with hydrating and skin restoring Coconut oil.

Main Ingredients: Virgin Olive Oil |Honey |Castor Oil |Coconut Oil
Custom Ingredients: Aloe Vera | Natural Mastic | Ivy | Cinammon | Laurel | Rosemary | Verbena | Lavender | Chalendula | Chamomile | Althea | Perforate Saint’s John’s Wort.

OLIVE SOAP contains Althaea herb flowers and upper plant parts.

Althaea officinalis -the herb’s botanic name- derives from Ancient Greek work “άλθω» (phonetic: altho), meaning, “to heal”. In contemporary cosmetics, Althaea can be found in skin applications, mainly as a counter-inflammatory agent.

OLIVE SOAP contains Balsam herb flowers and upper plant parts.

Balsam (Hypericum Perforatum), was called «Sword-herb» by the ancient Greek Spartans, because they treated their warriors’ battle wounds with this herb. Common name in the West Europe is “Saint John’s wort”. Appreciated since ancient times for many uses. In various skin applications, it assists wound and burn healing process, and enhances the immune system

OLIVE SOAP contains Calendula herb flowers.

Calendula (Calendula officinalis) is a well-known healing herb, used on damaged skin, suffering from inflammations and infections. A key ingredient in contemporary cosmetic and medicinal applications specialized in anti-wrinkle therapy, acne skin condition treatment, hydration, etc. Calendula oils and ointments are also well commented in varicose veins and phlebitis external treatment.

OLIVE SOAP contains Chamomile flowers and the herb’s natural essential oil.

Ancient Greek Hippocrates (460-370 bc), the acknowledged pioneer of Medical Science, makes an early extensive record on Chamomile’s benefits to human health. Nowadays, it is a well-established natural medicinal product, recommended for anti -inflammatory and restoration purposes on skin problems and various irritations.

OLIVE SOAP contains Laurel leaf cuts.

Laurel Noble (Laurus Nobilis) is the historically known aromatic Laurel. “Laurel” transcends from the Latin vocal root “laur”, meaning appraise, honor projection. Ancient Greeks, used to appraise their Olympic Game champions with a plain tiara made solely of laurel plant leaves. In our days, Laurel leaf extract diluted in olive oil is found in many  cosmetic hair products. It enhances and protects hair microstructure, adding strength and shine, while it is supportive against hair loss.

OLIVE SOAP contains Rosemary leaf cuts and natural essential oil.

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) leaf extract is present as a key ingredient in many hair cosmetic products, battling hair loss, strengthening hair structure and protecting scull skin hygiene from dandruff. Alternatively, Rosemary essential oil is externally applied on body, to relief from headaches, body nerve and muscle pain, and to stimulate the body after a hard working day.

OLIVE SOAP contains Verbena leaves.

Verbena (Lippia Citriodora Verbenaceae) has a distinct citrus scent. It is a stimulating and relieving herb, commented for it contribution as a beverage ingredient to various weight loss diets.

OLIVE SOAP contains Lavender flowers and upper plant parts. It is also enriched with Lavender natural essential oil.

Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia) is an aromatic wide range medicinal plant, with many skin care applications. In particular lavender essential oil is commented for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. As a deodorant ingredient it controls body essences by natural means. Always a hot bath with Lavender soap is ideal to finish a long day. It relaxes the body so to fully enjoy a restoration and beauty sleep.

OLIVE SOAP contains Ivy leaf cuts.

Ivy (Hedera Helix) stimulates the skin towards a firmer complexion and inhibits cellulitis development.

OLIVE SOAP contains finely grinded Cinnamon.

Cinnamon (Cinnamomum Zeylanicum) is globally commented for its eternal scent. There are also many health attributes associated to the spicy skin of the Cinnamon tree, hence it is an ingredient in many medicinal and cosmetic applications, processed in various ways, or in the form of cinnamon essential oil extract. Cinnamon has an antiseptic, mildly heating and stimulating effect when used externally. In particular, Cinnamon essential oil contains Eugenol, a medicinal pain relieving agent.

OLIVE SOAP contains finally cut pieces of Aloe plant tissue.

Aloe (Aloe Vera) is a medicinal plant with ancient reputation. A layer of Aloe jell was applied on open wounds and burns, to expedite the healing process. In contemporary cosmetic applications for the skin and head hair care, Aloe is a popular key ingredient. It delays the skin aging process, because it demonstrates a combined hydration and accelerated restoration effect on the cellular tissue.

OLIVE SOAP contains authentic Natural Mastic.

It is exclusively the Mastic-tree (Pistacia Lentiscus var Chia) and only when planted in a particular region (which is the Mastichohora, on the south side of Chios island, Greece) that grants us its magic gummy tears, the Natural Mastic. Natural Mastic has been recognized as important nutritional supplement for healthy human digestion system and mouth hygiene. Cosmetic applications use the Natural Mastic essential oil extract, for skin elasticity restoration and support of the tissue natural collagen.

Virgin Olive Oil is a key ingredient for OLIVE SOAP, adding unique cosmetic value to the final product.

The Olive Tree (Olea) is among the most important divine gifts, having ever been donated to the coastal Mediterranean civilizations. Olive tree fruit and its valuable flesh juice are beneficial in many ways to human. Olive oil is the source of the noblest vegetable unsaturated fatty acids combination, with high nutritional value. In addition, a recent approach handles olive oil as a high end nutritional supplement with ant-oxidant and anti-aging value, due to its high unsaturated polyphenolic content. As a traditional natural cosmetic, olive oil displays anti-oxidant, soothing and restoring capabilities on skin.

Castor Oil is a cosmetic value adding ingredient, in the carefully selected vegetable oils mix of OLIVE SOAP.

Castor Oil is a noble vegetable oil, obtained from the seeds of the castor oil plant (Ricinus communis). It is a key ingredient in skin and head hair care cosmetic applications.

Coconut Oil is a noble vegetable oil and a key ingredient of OLIVE SOAP.

The fruits of the exotic Coconut Tree (Cocos Nucifera) are the source of the valuable Coconut Oil. The word by word definition of the tree name in Indian language is “Tree of Life”, reflecting its high importance. Coconut oil is in heavy demand by cosmetic applications, because it performs deep skin hydration, it has a high vitamin E content and antioxidant properties.

OLIVE SOAP is enriched with Honey.

Honey is a fully natural substance, added to many traditional natural recipes for beauty and skin care. Recent studies acknowledge antimicrobial, antioxidant and hydrating attributes to Honey.


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